Friday, March 4, 2011

oil hack

I took some nutravege today and then some hemp oil afterward. The hemp oil didn't even taste bad! No chasing necessary! Excellent stuff.

Walked for 70 or so minutes today, speedylike.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

keepin' it up

march 2- took EFAs- nutravege 2 tsp.
walked 50 minutes, quickly

march 3- took EFAs- 1 tbsp. hemp oil
danced 5 min
walked 20 min
yoga 12 min

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Happy new month!

March's goal is to take essential fatty acids every day. This takes approximately 1 minute to execute, but I've still never managed to make it a habit. More on EFAs when my wrist isn't sprained.

Today I took my EFAs- actually I thought for 2 seconds "what will March's goal be?" and I immediately knew this had to be it. 1 tbsp. hemp oil, 2 tsp. nutravege. This is what I will try to take every day if I have them in the house.

As I kind of failed at my exercise routine as presented by Leo Babauta in his book The Art of Less, I still did okay, and got it on my mind. I felt strangely being given a specific time period to fit exercise into. This may have been discouraging. I'll still continue to log my exercising.

So yesterday, I walked for 15 minutes and made Crowbars. That was it.

Today I walked for 90 minutes, 45 of which I had 15 lbs of Crowbars on my back. I also did 16 minutes of bedtime yoga, but not in bed. My wrist hurts like hell. This will impede the yoga practise I was hoping to start. Will have to keep a lot of seated positions for now.