Thursday, January 27, 2011

Gettin' there...

I've been decluttering in spurts. My inspiration tends to come late or not at all, and when it's late, if I don't want to clean, all I wanna do is watch X-Files. 

What have I gotten done lately, you ask? 


-cleared off all my windowsills of stuff that didn't need to be there
-given my bathroom a once-over
-moved and cleaned off the tv stand (ok, Bruce did this, but it still got done)
-recleaned the junk in my trunk (I did this once before, but I wanted to do it again. I put all 65 journals in chronological order)

So I went through all my files in this drawer before I began this project. It was a huge ordeal and took many hours and it was a pretty emotionally heavy project, seeing so many snippets of ideas I wanted to work on and just laid aside. Instead of filing them, I just chucked them in the top drawer of the cabinet will-nilly and I've been adding to the pile in the same fashion. 

Today I went through the files again, and filed 'em proper. Ok, no alphabetization, but I understand how it's filed and that's what matters. 

Thanks. I think it looks pretty dandy too. It's my style and it feels comfortable. 

I had been putting this one off until I found a new bookcase with a back and/or some bookends. I've been looking for both and I can't wait forever. Here's my clusterfuck of a bookshelf. I've given several hundred books away in the last few years. These are the books I have other than my nutrition/health/herb/cookbooks which fill a couple smaller shelves. I have lots of room left for games, figures, etc.

Still doesn't look or operate the way I want, but I'll have to wait until I find the bookcase I'm looking for. 

So what do I have left on my list? There're only 4 days left in the month. 

Here's the list:

-clean the fridge
-clean the freezer
-tackle the kitchen shelf. 

Everything else is done, and that list will be tackled in the next few days. Wicked.

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