Sunday, January 16, 2011

Linen closet madness

I found a lot of things when I was cleaning out this closet: an amaryllis that Dad suggested I keep in a closet until this Christmas, but I thought I decided not to, as that was just asking for trouble (it's growing now, despite being overturned and neglected for a year); my hair dryer, a bunch of personal care stuff that was chucked into a red bag and put aside-- I'd been looking for this stuff, a pillow-case handmade by a dear friend. 

I actually went through my supplement and personal care shelves before I took this photo-- it's what got me inspired to clutter-clear the house. Anyway, this closet looks a hell of a lot better now. I know exactly what's in the closet now. 

What else I did: got rid of that pile of stuff on the floor, relegated the stuff to their rightful places. Swept, vaccumed and cleaned the dirt, including soil from the upturned plant ;) 

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