Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Plastic drawer total annihilation!*

So this friggin' set of drawers is finished. None of these top drawers have clear themes except for the top one, which seems to be "various strings." What a stupid drawer theme. It could also be called "tangled." Anyway, these drawers can close now, and there are useful things in them. Well, more useful. BTW, the top of this has been cleaned and atop them lie two boxes, one full of tools, one full of tape/glue/staples, etc.

Meanwhile, there's a pile of shit on the floor. I'll deal with it tomorrow. This is totally not allowed, but I'd allotted each drawer a day and I did it in 3 days rather than 6, so screw it. Pile tomorrow.

*mild celebretory applause

1 comment:

what said...

this is totally what I expected to see after annihilation*

* http://www.youtube.com/user/ultddave#p/c/3B5F0CC93ECF4732/8/P_SvjZElgno