Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Recommittment to the great decluttering project

No, I didn't forget about this project, nor do I feel badly about all but ignoring it during the latter part of December. I don't think I was necessarily lazy about it, I just wanted to enjoy the holidays without concerning myself with this. I thought I might get extra done, but I was wrong. 

I went over the remaining areas I have to tackle, and I have 19 more areas. I split some difficult ones up into smaller projects because the larger ones are causing me to procrastinate too much. 

I'm about half done this project, and apparently it's noticeable to guests even though our bedroom is the only room that's been completed. This alone gives me energy to propel me further toward completion.

Unfortunately, getting behind on this project is forcing me to put off my next project which is making exercising into a habit. It's a tedious and strange approach, but I think it will work. Can't wait to tell you about it. 

Stay tuned for an update today or tomorrow. I plan to do a once-over of the house today to get rid of the terrorizing the house has taken over the holidays. 

HAPPY 2011! What are you up to this year? 

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Tim said...

It's actually not such a strange approach. You are clearly making this a habit, and then you will start making exercise a habit. Just like a smoker getting addicted to a smoking habit, major life changes take time. Probably most people with major New Year's resolutions, such as exercising or dieting, already gave up. Happy New Year.

Oh, by the way, when I gave up TV for a full year, I actually did most of my efforts in November and December, leaving me with smooth sailing once January came along.