Friday, February 4, 2011

Rules are meant to be broken!

It's mostly because I broke my own (and Leo Babauta's) rule yesterday that I say that rules are meant to be broken. I actually totally forgot about my exercise committment yesterday, only 3 days into it! I had an insanely busy and stressful day teaching, walking around town for three hours carrying a laptop and a bunch of other crap on my shoulders, and hosting a Lunar New Year party. The party went late and I was so wiped that I didn't even think about it until 2 am as I was falling asleep. So I decided to do 20 minutes today to make up for it. So here I was, past 11pm today and I hadn't exercised yet. I really do need to get up early tomorrow (5 a.m.) to sell at the Farmer's Market, and I considered skipping it again. And then it occurred to me.... I have terrible trouble sleeping the night before the market. It seems like I've tried everything: tea, meditation, youtube sleep hypnosis videos, special sound hynosis whose proper name I can't recall, every natural supplement possible, a nightcap, smoking mugwort, sex, positive thinking, writing... the list goes on. Anyway, what the hell... I'll do youtube yoga in the dark. 

Yup, all that for you to find out I spent my 20 minutes of exercise today between two youtube yoga videos designed to help calm and turn your attention to your body to prepare it for sleep. I'll let you know tomorrow if it worked. As for now, I'm gonna watch X-Files, take some melatonin, and finally get some pre-market sleep.

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