Saturday, February 5, 2011

Yoga for boring people

I'm pretty zonked because we were at the market today. It was incredibly slow. The good news is: I slept straight through the night last night (and most of the way through the X-Files episode). The bad news is, thr 4.5 hours of sleep I got didn't feel like any more than the naps I usually get. 

So it's after midnight and still no exercise. I knew bedtime yoga (in the dark, of course-- I love this) was the only possibility. I tried this video. Normally when I don't resonate with the instructor, I keep searching until I find someone whose style, energy and voice appeals to me. Tonight, like an old wife with no libido, I just wanted it to be over. Got my ten minutes in. Felt about 10% inspired to bother, but I got 'er done. 



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