Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Day 15

 The container cupboard. This one gets ugly quickly. Why? Because I chuck stuff in there willy-nilly. I actually throw it in there unless it's glass. This has to stop. 

My dozen or so Mason jars are all dirty or in use. Most of what was in that cupboard were mismatched lids and containers. They're now Gonzo. Anything that could be recycled was recycled, as always.
I had a weird idea in the summer that I should collect spice racks and categorize my spices by rack (Indian, spicy, etc). This was poorly thought-out in many ways, among them is that my spice jars are of a million shapes and sizes and there's no way they'd fit on any spice rack unless it was specially made. Bruce does owe me a homemade spice rack. Maybe I will get it for our tenth anniversary. That would be awesome. 

This is my main spice drawer. It's usually fairly organized, but since starting my business, a lot of things have been neglected around here and this is one of them. It's also one of the areas that makes me the saddest to see neglected. I was putting this one off because it needed a lot of work. I finished it at around 12:30a.m. 

Oh, this is so nice to see. I'm sure a lot of you think this looks ugly still, but I like the variety. I also love to reuse and hate to buy unnecessary things. Also, spice jars are usually clear and I'm not a fan of keeping spices in clear jars so I minimize that as much as possible. At least the drawer is dark, which helps. 

A lot of jars didn't have top labels or labels at all because I recognized the jars. I insisted on labeling them all on the top. I also have a brown bag full of overstock (I don't have much as I buy in small quantities-- these are the ones I forgot I had and bought recently when the drawer was a mess). I have a list of my overstock that I'll keep in this drawer to reference. I did attempt to alphabetize these, but it didn't work out well because of the variety of sizes.  This project makes me really happy because I cook and bake so frequently. Mmmmm! Kind of tempted to bake right now.

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