Sunday, December 5, 2010

Day 7

 Yesterday was insane and I didn't get to an area, so I did two today. Truth be told, apparently this bookshelf was supposed to be done the same day as my nightstand, but I didn't notice until I looked at the list. I will get it all done. Anyway, believe it or not, I do clear this bookshelf off every once in a while so it's not been that long since last time. 

It doesn't look insanely different, but it's definitely more clear. Sure I have a bunch of shit on top, but maybe I'll find another space for those things eventually. 

I've wanted to get at this shelf forever now. It grosses me out to look at, and when I'm sitting in bed, I can see it clearly. There was a lot of paper on this shelf, so it took a while to clear. I write so much shit down... notes, plans, project outlines... and they sit.  

Look at that beauty! Ok, the shelf is hideous and it looks weird all bare like that, but I'm excited the junk is gone. The cardboard box on the second shelf is actually empty, but it's a nice box so I will eventually put stuff in there that needs a home. The big pile o' papers on the floor in front of it is the humongous pile of shit I didn't need to keep anyway, and noted dreams and projects that if I want to get to in the future I can damnwell begin anew.

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