Thursday, December 16, 2010

Day 16

The area today is my food cupboards-- all of them (except my baking cupboard which is an insane undertaking). 

I really shocked myself here not only by putting all the seaweed on the top shelf (yes, the top shelf is exclusively for seaweed!), but moving the shelf down so I cab actually reach it. I NEVER have enough room on the bottom shelf here. I actually moved another bottle in here and I still have space left! YAY!

My good ol' beans and grains cupboards. Beans on top, grains on the bottom. Right now they're all mixed up.

In some ways, it probably looks messier, but I assure you it's well-organized in there. I threw out grains and beans I'd had for way too long (they weren't good anymore), and now I know exactly what my inventory is. This is a nice feeling. Oh yeah, and I also moved this shelf down too. I am handier and more ambitious than I thought.

This is some misc stuff, Asian cooking stuff-- more of it, and the bottom shelf is mine and Bruce's can cupboard.
Bruce saw this and said "we could do a better job with that bottom cupboard. It doesn't look better, just different." He's right. He'll probably throw that paper bag full of onions out too. I found some powdered wasabi and pickled ginger! Life is awesome! I am rich!

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Tim said...

Hooray for the sea produce shelf!